Sunday, April 25, 2010

Book Review:Dead and Worse (may contain spoilers)

TITLE: Dead and Worse
PART IN SERIES: Book 8 in the Sookie Stackhouse series
AUTHOR: Charlaine Harris
GENRE: Adult, series, vampires, paranormal, mystery, chick-lit
PREMISE: Sookie Stackhouse is back and is still dealing with vampires, werewolves, and so on.
MY REVIEW: Like all the Sookie books this one moves along so quickly that you sort of blink and you'll miss the plot developements. There were so many tied up and started that I can't even begin to count them all. But the major ones are: there's ar werewolf war that ends with Alcide in charge, a hostile vampire takeover, and a relative makes himself known to Sookie.
There's also a lot of minor subplots as involving Jason and his wife (saw that one coming a mile away and good for Sookie for finally telling her brother off), Sandra Pelt returning and generally making a nuisance of herself(not so pleased with this one, I'm very tired of the Pelts; even more so then Sookie is and does anyone else find it really convenient that Sandra's parents died all of a sudden? I'm thinking brake tampering how about you?), the end of Quinn and Sookie's...I guess you can call it a relationship (saw this coming too, and I honestly think Sookie was right to end it before it bagan because it was obvious that it wouldn't go far and sooner or later Eric's blood bond would have reared its head), Bob stops being a cat, and we get to meet Amelia's father and her teacher (her father sucks, but Octavia is kind of cool). We get more of Eric and Pam (yay), Bill is just sort of there (really, why is he even in Bon Temps still?) and we get Sam (as much as I like Eric I really think Harris is going to end the series with Sookie and Sam getting together, at least that's what I hope since she has said Sookie isn't going to end up with a vampire and a vampire so that sadly leaves him out of the running...unless she changes her mind or something happens to Eric between now and the end of this series and she's faking us out...evil woman). Wow, one more book to go in this series and then I'm completely caught up till the tenth book comes out! Yay! Well...two if you count Touch of Dead...
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of the book series who are still reading it, True Blood fans, Twilight fans
MY RATING: Still Three and a half out of Five vampires

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