Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book Review: Inkdeath

TITLE: Inkdeath
PART IN SERIES: Book 3 of Inkheart Trilogy
AUTHOR: Cornelia Funke
GENRE: Childrens, Trilogy, Fantasy
PREMISE: Meggie and her family are still trapped in Inkheart and are dealing with murderous royals, bringing back Dustfinger, and trying to figure out their place in this world that was once just a book.
MY REVIEW: Funke's writing is not for everyone as likewise, not everyone is crazy about Inkheart. I for one though, loved this trilogy even though I was maybe not particularly crazy with some of the things happening. It was still satisfying and had fun characters (words do not describe how much I adore Elinor) and is a very memorable book.
I know some people have issues with how Funke ended the trilogy, namely with what happened with Meggie and Farid. I for one, found it believeable. Plus, it was pretty obvious the relationship wasn't going to last anyway. There were issues between the two long before Doria showed up and book three really just shed light on why they wouldn't last. Mo also maybe not acted in the best of manner but the poor guy had a lot of stuff riding on him that was not his doing (I'm looking at you Fenoglio) but he grew as a character, as did Meggie (looking at the difference between the Meggie in this book and the Meggie in book 1 really illustrates how much she's grown), and Resa. Plus the writer managed to tie up all the story lines. I for one am satisfied with the ending.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of the first two books, fantasy fans, booklovers (seriously, this trilogy is like dedicated to us)
MY RATING: Four out of Five old books

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