Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Review: Dead and Gone (may contain spoilers)

TITLE: Dead and Gone
PART IN SERIES: Book nine in the Sookie Stackhouse series
AUTHOR: Charlene Harris
GENRE: Adult, series, vampires, mystery, paranormal, chick-lit
PREMISE: Sookie and her cohorts at Bon Temps are at it again. Now, shifters are finally revealing themselves, a horrible crime is commited, and there's a fairy war and Sookie is smack dab in the middle of it.
MY REVIEW: Wow. Is it wierd that I was slightly exhausted after reading this? Seriously, I was almost as tired as Sookie felt because all of the stuff going on. So major plot points are: Sookie is sort of/kind of/I don't know married to Eric through trickery (she naturally doesn't appreciate it and I don't blame her for that). The werewolf/shifters finally reveal themselves to the world, including Sam causing Arlene to quit (I couldn't stand her, even before she became a bigot, so for me getting rid of her was no great loss). Crystal is murdered and left crucified at the bar (I couldn't stand her so this is no great loss either but it was a horrible way to go). Niall turns out to be a prince with lots of enemies and those enemies are not only after Sookie, it turns out they are the ones responsible for her parents death (this is solved all in the book and probably is the reason for the exhausted feeling. Seriously, quickest war in history anyone?).
Minor/subplot rundown: Eric and Sookie end up doing the nasty (it's really hot, naturally), we get some of Eric's backstory (turns out he was married before and was evidently a good husband up until she died...who knew? Did anyone else get brain damage trying to picture him as a Dad though? A viking dad, no less?), Octavia leaves (kind of bummed, I liked her), Jason goes through quite a lot in this book (I hope that maybe it'll make him change for the better, Sookie's tell-off did start a little of that already though I was pleased to see) and Arlene ends up being a real b#tch in this and I hope this is the last we see of her (oh, I was hoping for Sookie to slap her in that one scene but the tell-off was well done so I wasn't too disappointed).
So I'm finally all caught up with this series! I just need to read Touch of Dead and then I have to wait till the next book comes out in May. I can't wait for it. Oh, and reading this, I still feel like Harris is leading us up to a Sam/Sookie hook up. But maybe I'm wrong, who knows? Anything is possible in this series, Harris likes yanking our chains I think.
WHO SHOULD READ: if you're still into the series this far in
MY RATING: Still Three and a half out of Five vamps, as much as I get into these I know it's not the greatest out does make for great guilty pleasure reading though.

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