Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Review: Monster Blood Tattoo

TITLE: Foundling
PART IN SERIES: Monster Blood Tattoo series, Book 1
AUTHOR: D. M. Cornish
GENRE: Young adult, fantasy, series, adventure
PREMISE: A orphan boy gets thrown into the world of monsters when he gets offered a job as a lamplighter.
MY REVIEW: For a young adult book, this book was rather childishly written. The writer did a lot of telling instead of showing, there were illustrations and there was even a huge glossary of stuff in the back. While I do appreciate the attention to detail (and the illustrations were really good) I think it was a little bit of an overkill.
I also wish the author had taken more time to develop characters because I really have no sense of who Rossamund was aside from the fact that he detested his name and thought ill of people who commented on his name. Beyond that, I maybe get the sense that he's brave. Amen. Considering the whole book is coming from his point of view, I would think the author would have done more with his character. I also didn't really get what the whole point of this series was. I'm assuming things are explained further in the second but I wasn't made to care enough about the main character to really want to pick up the second book.
So I do think it was an intriguing idea, the author just got caught up in giving details (and details, and details) and neglected plot and character. I also think this was probably supposed to be a children's book and got classifed wrong but that could be just me. Action/Adventure fantasy type fans will probably be really pleased with this though.
WHO SHOULD READ: adventure fans, boys who liked Artemis Fowl and whatnot
MY RATING: Three out of Five monsters

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