Monday, April 19, 2010

Book Review: Rogue's Home

TITLE: Rogue's Home
PART IN SERIES: Second book in Knight and Rogue series
AUTHOR: Hilari Bell
GENRE: Young adult, series, fantasy, mystery
PREMISE: Michael and Fisk are back and this time it's Fisk's family that needs his help.
MY REVIEW: I loved this sequel just as much as The Last Knight so kudos to Bell for that (because I adored The Last Knight). In this one, we get to learn more about Fisk's background and see his family and how he ended up becoming a Rogue (or at least what set him on the path to becoming one...Bell doesn't give all of it away ;is still dying to know who Jack Bannister is;).
The mystery is more complicated then this one then the last book. Michael also goes through something that changes him. Won't say what. But all in all, if you loved the first one, you'll get into this one just as much.
WHO SHOULD READ: those who've read and liked the first book
MY RATING: Four out of Five knights

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