Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book Review: The Ghost Sonata

TITLE: The Ghost Sonata
PART IN SERIES: Book Three in the Gilda Joyce series
AUTHOR: Jennifer Allison
GENRE: Childrens, series, mystery, paranormal
PREMISE: Wacky Gilda Joyce is back and is off to London with her best friend Wendy to help with her music compitition. When strange stuff starts happening, Gilda starts investigating.
MY REVIEW: Like the previous Gilda books the main reason to read this book is Gilda's character. She's fun, wierd, and always entertaining. It was also nice that in this one we get more of Wendy Choy, Gilda's best friend and she was a good foil for Gilda's wackiness.
Also in this, Gilda gets a romance...sort of...okay she kisses someone. Not exactly a romance (you have to read to find out what I'm talking about) but it was nice to see. I also enjoyed the music compitition aspect of it. For those who have been musicians it will be very relateable and even those who haven't can probably relate to the pressure that these kid's parents put them under. So...like the previous books, it's an enjoyable mystery series for kids and older as well.
WHO SHOULD READ: Nancy Drew fans, Harriet the Spy fans, paranormal book fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five of wacky hats

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