Friday, April 23, 2010

Book Review: Nobody's Prize

TITLE: Nobody's Prize
PART IN SERIES: Book 2 of 2 so far in Helen of Troy series (I hope there's a third!)
AUTHOR: Esther Friesner
GENRE: Young adult, series, historical fiction, adventure
PREMISE: Helen of Troy from Nobody's Princess is back and is now sailing with Jason and the Argonauts disguised as a boy.
MY REVIEW: I adored this book just as much as I did Nobody's Princess. Here, Helen travels with Jason and the Argonauts, meets up with Medea, Theseus, and has just as many adventures as in the last book. I admit, there wasn't much character growth but you know what? You're too busy enjoying the book to really care, and even if Helen doesn't grow much, Milo certainly does.
Sadly, it looks like this may be the last book in the series. I really want Esther's version of the Trojan War. Because I bet she would come up with a clever way to explain it from Helen's point of view. Because now I'm really interested in hearing about the war from this Helen's point of view. Maybe we can send Friesner a petition to write more? Or I could just settle for the one she's started about Nefertiti (I'm excited to read this one too, but I confess I don't know as much about Nefertiti as I do about greek myths).
WHO SHOULD READ: those who read and liked the first book, greek mythology buffs
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five greek legends

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  1. Love you blog site.
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  2. i kno i really wish she would write another book abt Helen and how she's like when she's older and other things. I really liked that book. :) nice blog