Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Review: Betrayed

TITLE: Betrayed
PART IN SERIES: Book 2 in the House of Night series
AUTHOR: P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
GENRE: Young adult, series, vampires, drama
PREMISE: Zoey is settling into life at House of Night. She is dealing with her new role as leader of the Dark Daughters, her old boyfriend Heath, a hot teacher, and the feeling that Neferet may not be what she seems...
MY REVIEW: My feelings about this series are very split. On one hand, there are a few things I enjoy about it. The banter between the friends is fun, there are some funny lines, and there is some intriguing things going on here. I was even sort of surprised about what happened in the end. The series is good enough that if I see the next book in the library, I'll check it out.
However, it's got a LOT of flaws and is not good enough that I consider buying it or say that it's a must read. One of the flaws is Zoey. I'm sorry, this character is such a Mary Sue it is not funny. She's also not a Mary Sue that I even like. I don't hate Zoey (she does have some good qualities) but she annoys me to much to actually like her. The so-called "teen speak" is very annoying too. Tell me, have any of you in your teen days ever called anyone a hag? No? Me neither. Then there's the boy hopping. Seriously, one page Zoey is gushing about how gorgeous Eric is, the next she's saying OMG this teacher guy is the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen! Seriously, what the heck? Then there's the blatant stereotyping going on, the general bashing of Christianity (I'm a Christian myself and am not a fan of the church but please, not all Christians are like Zoey's parents like this series makes us out to be), and just several other general what the heck moments that make it hard for me to really enjoy this series or say it's a fantastic book. But for vampire fans, particularly of the Twilight persuasion, I can see how they could love it. Me, I'm mostly continuing this series for lulz. Oh, and in case any of you House of Night fans have been living under a rock, the seventh book, Burned, comes out Wednesday.
WHO SHOULD READ: Twilight fans, those who liked the first book, vampire fans
MY RATING: Still three out of five vampyre marks

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