Sunday, April 4, 2010

Book Reiview: Percy Jackson Book 3

TITLE: The Titan's Curse
PART IN SERIES: Book Three in Percy Jackson and the Olympians series
AUTHOR: Rick Riordan
GENRE: Childrens, adventure, series
PREMISE: Percy Jackson and friends return, this time to help rescue the goddess Artemis.
MY REVIEW: Still in love with this series. I admit that perhaps Riordan could devote more time to character developement and the writing is pretty average but still, this series is what it is: fun.
One of the reasons I keep reading this series is to learn how the gods are in Riordan's world. He never disappoints in coming up with clever ways to incorporate the myths in with the modern world. I adored Apollo in this one and watching him and Artemis interact was a hoot. Another thing I like is that in between the humor, he manages to sneak in great points about greek mythology as well as keep up with the plot. The main point he makes in this one is: the greek heroes were not perfect themselves and in some cases were complete asses. Theseus is a prime example. I also liked how he gave some backstory and even showed stuff like Annabeth's parent. I'm also looking forward to Rachel's involvement. She cracked me up in the small time she was there and I can't wait to see more of her (having read the sneak peek in my book I know she shows up in the fourth and this pleases me to no end).
WHO SHOULD READ: those who read and loved the first two, boys, fans of greek mythology, fans of adventure series
MY RATING: Four out of Five greek heroes

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