Thursday, May 2, 2013

Book Review: Orleans

TITLE: Orleans
Book 1 in a series?
AUTHOR: Sherri L. Smith
PUBLISHED: March 2013
GENRE: Dystopian, Adventure
PREMISE: In a future where the south has been abandoned by the states and quarantined, Fen does her best to give a newborn baby a better life beyond Orleans.
MY REVIEW: Good dystopians are hard to find in a YA world that is overcrowded with them nowadays. Orleans is one of those that manages to stand out from the pack. Part of it is in part that Smith is a damn good writer. I've never heard/read of Flygirl before, but now I'm thinking I need to take a look at it.
Another part is that this is the author made me buy this world. Finally, a YA dystopian I could actually see happening in real life were events to occur like the author has in here. Now, if you want a story full of sunshine/romance then this probably is not your book. It's dark. The characters are hard to like and that includes Fen herself. There's pretty much zero romance.
But if you have no problem with that, I really rec this. It's a well written original dystopian. As I said before, those are hard to find nowadays.
WHO SHOULD READ: Dystopian fans (who don't mind darkness in their books)
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five kick butt heroines

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