Friday, May 17, 2013

Book Review: Legacy

TITLE: Legacy
Book 1 in the Legacy series
AUTHOR: Molly Cochran
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Witches
PREMISE: Girl goes to boarding school. Discovers she's special.
MY REVIEW: If that premise I gave sounds like every other YA book you've read you would be right. This book has what I like to call Attack of the Tropes syndrome. Literally it is all the YA cliches rolled into one.
I would be able to forgive this if it had something to offer like maybe good writing or fun characters. Heaven knows, I've liked my share of cliche ridiculous things (you don't know how pumped I am for the new Star Trek guys). But these characters are all boring and cliche as well. They never wander outside their cookie cutter stereotype and the book itself never veers off the predictable path it is set on from page one.
Basically this was one huge disappointment. Because this idea could have been awesome. Also the writing? Not the best. Which is weird when you consider that the author has published over five books and is a bestseller to boot. My only theory is she felt she had to dumb down the book for a YA audience which is almost as irritating as bad writing.
WHO SHOULD READ: those that don't mind cliches upon cliches
MY RATING: Two and a half out of Five cliches

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