Saturday, June 30, 2012

Book Review: Wondrous Strange

TITLE: Wondrous Strange
Book 1 in the Wondrous Strange series
AUTHOR: Lesley Livingston
GENRE: Urban fantasy, faeries, romance,
PREMISE: A girl attracts the attention of faeries and finds out she's one of them.
MY REVIEW: You ever have a book where you're literally scratching your head wondering what the hell is going on the whole time you're reading it? Well, that was me during Wondrous Strange. I'm sorry but not one bit of this made sense.
Now I will say I get the feeling this is aimed more at the younger tween crowd into Twilight then older teens who fell in love with Wicked Lovely. So it's really not fair of me to judge the juvenile tone of the book. The writing isn't awful...but it's not great either. The characters frankly bored me. They were cookie cutter characters down to the Mary Sue main character who naturally found out not only was she special, she was a fairy princess. Sigh.
Still though, I have to wonder if even tweens would raise their eyebrow at the randomness of this book and the slight stupidity of the main character (seriously, she finds a magical horse or something and decides "Hey I know, I'll lead it to my NYC apartment!" at one point. Despite her roommate specifically saying no pets). Honestly to me the book was one big what the hell hot mess. I say the younger crowd may get a kick out of it but for everyone's kind of a waste of your time.
WHO SHOULD READ: Younger tweens into Twilight, Wings fans
MY RATING: Two out of Five what the hells

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