Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review: Pandemonium

TITLE: Pandemonium
Book 2 in the Delirium Trilogy
AUTHOR: Lauren Oliver
GENRE: Dystopian
PREMISE: Lena continues her journey into the Wilds.
MY REVIEW: Authors of the Matched Trilogy and The Chemical Garden Trilogy please take notes: THIS is how you do a trilogy continuation. Oliver continues to impress me with her writing and storytelling ability. I absolutely loved this even if some things were a tad predictable.
This did not bore me to death with Lena whining about losing her true love like I feared, nor did it have her mooning over a boring new love interest, nor did it give me shoddy world details that make little sense. Yes, Lena mourns Alex and clearly goes through the grieving process but she learns to survive. She makes herself useful in the Wilds. She moves on and becomes a stronger person as a result. We are introduced to new characters who actually serve purposes. We get a expansion of the world of Delirium and bless Oliver, it makes sense. Yes, I am still somewhat fuzzy on how someone can cure love in a person but instead of trying to fool me with faulty science Oliver just pretty much goes the Star Trek route: "It's the future. Deal with it" which I think is the best way to deal with something like the idea here. She doesn't waste time coming up with how they cure it, she spends time coming up with WHY they would cure it and how it's effected the world and it's actually more believeable this way. Also look: a love triangle that doesn't annoy me to death! It's actually kind of a poetic love triangle for a change: Alex is the boy that taught her love, but she thought he was dead and moved on and Julian is the boy she taught how to love thanks to Alex teaching her how to in the first place. I can see her with both guys and it's interesting and actually helps Lena's character grow instead of just being there for drama's sake. As a bonus it's done with Olivers lovely lovely writing.
In other words this was just as good as Delirium. Olver seems to get better and better as she progresses (I really need to read Liesl and Po...). I can't wait for the third Delirium book.
WHO SHOULD READ: Those that have read Delirium, Lauren Oliver fans, dystopian fans
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five rallies

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