Monday, June 11, 2012

Book Review: Arcadia Awakens

TITLE: Arcadia Awakens
Book 1 in a new series
AUTHOR: Kai Meyer
GENRE: Urban fantasy, shifters, romance
PREMISE: Rosa goes to visit her family and gets caught up in Mafia business that is more then it seems...
MY REVIEW: I originally picked up this book because it sounded like it was something that could possibly be very cool. Yes, the summary clued me in that it was going to be slightly cheesy and believe me, it was. But cheesy can be good sometimes, I mean look at the Sookie Stackhouse books. Unfortunately this is the bad kind of cheese. The kind where I can't get any enjoyment from.
The number one bad thing, is the writing. Now before any defenders try it, yes I am aware that this is translated from another language and sometimes translations aren't good on paper. But you know what? That's no excuse for this. I've read several translated books that are decently written. For instance Cornelia Funke's Inkheart Trilogy or The Millaneum Trilogy by Stieg Larsson or Battle Royale (and anyone who has tried to learn Japanese can tell you translating Japanese to English can be funky). So I'm sorry, the translation has nothing to do with it: the writing is just bad. That would be forgiveable however if the characters and story were good. They aren't very much. Rosa is a annoying Mary Sue who doesn't do much except swoon after the male hottie she just met. I didn't really buy their epic romance at all. The "twists" weren't really twists if you read these paranormal romances a lot which I and probably many others in the YA genre do. Everything in this book has been done before and in better ways. I saw elements of Romeo and Juliet, Curse Workers series by Holly Black, etc. etc.
All in all this was just unimpressive and lackluster. Maybe some Twilighters will get enjoyment from it, I don't know. I just know it wasn't for me and I'm having a hard time thinking of people who would enjoy it.
WHO SHOULD READ: Twihards who don't mind lack of originality in their plots.
MY RATING: Two out of Five shifters

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