Sunday, January 22, 2017

Graphic Novel Review: DC Universe: Rebirth

TITLE: DC Universe-Rebirth, Deluxe Edition
AUTHOR: Geoff Johns
ART: Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis
STARTED: May 2016
COLLECTING: Rebirth arc
PREMISE: The DC universe gets another reboot with the return of Wally West who has been lost in the speedforce and needs someone to remember him to get out.
MY REVIEW: This collection is...a bit tricky to review. It's not the entire launch of Rebirth for one. It's just the main issues explaining why the new universe is happening. Spoiler alert: it's Flash's fault. If you watch CW's The Flash, you are probably not at all surprised by this.
As far as explanations go...I guess it makes sense. The explanation of Wally's past was appreciated as I'm...not terribly familiar with the Flash family to be honest. Most of my info about it comes from my time reading the Impulse comic book back in the day (who I mostly became a fan of through the Young Justice comic run), animated Justice League, and CWs The Flash.
Now the big question I've been hearing: Can you read this as new fans? Eh...maybe? If you've been watching The Flash TV show and have minor comic book should be good to go. The Watchman reference at the end might go over your head though.
Now is Rebirth good? Hard to say. Honestly, I think judging how successful Rebirth is will be hard to judge until the story has been going on at least a year or so. The thing with Marvel/DC arcs is a lot of their stories tend to unfold slowly and over 12 issues or so depending on the arc/writer's run. All I can judge is this bit here and this bit here is...a decent beginning. It's far more accessible then New52 was, so that's something.
WHO SHOULD READ: DC fans, CW Flash fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five new beginnings

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