Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Book Review: In the Country We Love-My Family Divided

TITLE: In the Country We Love-My Family Divided
AUTHOR: Diane Guerrero
CATEGORY: Non-Fiction
GENRE: Memoirs
PREMISE: Actress Diane Guerrero talks about how immigration laws have effected her family and her life.
MY REVIEW: This is a book I've been meaning to get too for awhile now. I'm glad I finally did. As far as memoir writing style goes, it's fairly standard. But Guerrero is a gifted story teller. I seriously would not be opposed to her writing a fiction book sometime. Just throwing that out there for ideas.
The one part of this book that I think is incredibly important for everyone to read is the last chapter. Guerrero deftly explains why building a wall will not do a damn thing to keep out immigrants, why immigrants are not the ones harming the US, and why we need serious immigration reform. I want to print out that chapter and hand it to anyone who rants about how immigrants are somehow the ones ruining this country (but are then quick to insist that they aren't racist).
This is an interesting memoir that leaves a lot to be thought about. Even if you aren't interested in the immigration talk, Guerrero's life and how she got into show business and her witty story telling make for a very interesting and fast read.
WHO SHOULD READ: Orange is the New Black fans, Jane the Virgin fans, celebrity memoir fans, those interested in the topic of immigration
MY RATING: Four out of Five awesome celebrities being awesome

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