Friday, January 20, 2017

Book Review: Ahsoka

TITLE: Ahsoka
Star Wars Canon series
AUTHOR: E.K. Johnston
PUBLISHED: October 2016
GENRE: Science Fiction, Media Tie-In
PREMISE: A look at Ahsoka and what she got up too in between the time we see her leave Clone Wars and the time she appears on Rebels.
MY REVIEW: If you are just a watcher of the Star Wars movies, you might not know Ahsoka. If this is the case, I strongly advise checking out Clone Wars (that takes place between Ep. 2 and 3, and then Star Wars Rebels (that takes place between ep. 3 and ep. 4). Don't be turned off by the fact that they're cartoons, they still have that great Star Wars feeling and in many cases, flesh out plot holes from the prequel trilogy (which lets face it, there are many plot holes). One of my favorite things about these two series, was the character of Ahsoka. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I learned there was going to be a book featuring her. expectations for this may have been a little high then I normally have for Star Wars books. But all in all, I think the author delivered. Mostly I just wanted to know how she got involved with the rebellion and this book definitely answered that in a plausible way. It also reminded me: I really want a Bail Organa book. Please, can I have one, Disney? Pretty Please?
Was this as good as say...Bloodlines was? Maybe not. But on the whole, this was a very satisfying Star Wars story and all I can say is...keep it coming guys. You've had a few bumps here and there (the Aftermath Trilogy...sorry Wendig, I am not a fan of your writing style and Tarkin) but overall, I really love what this new Star Wars Canon has been bringing us.
WHO SHOULD READ: Star Wars fans, Ahsoka fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five lightsabers

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