Thursday, January 5, 2017

Book Review: The Bronze Key

TITLE: The Bronze Key
Book 3 in the Magisterium series
AUTHOR: Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
PUBLISHED: August 2016
CATEGORY: Middle-Grade
GENRE: Fantasy
PREMISE: Call and his friends try to discover who is attempting to kill Call at the Magisterium.
MY REVIEW: Oh Magisterium series, you are clearly Harry Potter fanfiction. Why can't I quit you? I blame the awesomeness that is Tamara. As well as addicting fast-paced plots. Both Black and Clare are masters at keeping readers coming back for more. This series (and the fact that I also can't seem to quit Mortal Instruments no matter how hard I try) is proof.
The latest Magisterium book is very much like the first two: snark and lots of things happening. There was one major thing that surprised me at the end. But if I know Clare...that thing is probably not going to stick. So I'm not getting invested in feelings until the last book. If it sticks THEN I'll give props to the series.
But it looks like we have two more books to go so I have awhile to wait and see how to feel about said thing. If you were a fan of the first two books, you will likely love the latest installment. Or you'll curse the authors for the cliff hanger. One of the two.
WHO SHOULD READ: those that have read the first two books, Mortal Instrument fans, younger Harry Potter fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five evil cliffhangers

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