Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Book Review: You Can't Touch My Hair (and Other Things I Still Have to Explain)

TITLE: You Can't Touch My Hair (and Other Things I Still Have to Explain)
AUTHOR: Phoebe Robinson
PUBLISHED: October 4rth, 2016
CATEGORY: Non-Fiction
GENRE: Memoir/Essays
PREMISE: Comedian Phoebe Robinson talks about a variety of subjects from feminism, to black girls hair, to race relations and back again.
MY REVIEW: I confess, I'm not terribly familiar with Phoebe Robinson. I've listened to a podcast or two of her and Jessica Williams (whom I'm more familiar with, being a Daily Show junkie) show but that's about it. After this, I may have to rectify that, because Phoebe Robinson is frankly hilarious.
If you are a white person who gets terribly offended when people rightly criticize us for the nonsense we do, this probably won't be your book. Robinson does not sugar coat things. She calls out stuff that needs to be called out. There's a great explanation in here about micro-aggressions, that everyone should read. But it's not all seriousness. There's a lot of hilarious bits in here, including a beautiful (and now sad, considering the election results) chapter written the future first female president.
If like me, you have gotten hooked on memoirs/or essays by lady celebrities, this is a great one to pick up for when you want something that will both make you think and make you laugh at the same time.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of the 2 Dope Queens podcast, celebrity memoir book fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five on point jokes

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