Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Books and a word about IMM

Okay so unless you all have been living under a rock, you've probably heard about all the drama over at The Story Siren. Everyone else has already pretty much weighed in on the topic so I'll spare you my thoughts on it, just know I don't approve of what she did at all. I'm still following her because she has useful info on upcoming books for me but I will not be participating in any of her memes/giveaways/debut author challenge anymore because I don't think what she did was right and I'm not very satisfied with the way she's handled it. But this is my choice and everyone is free to do what they want with the situation.
That said, I will be posting my books for the week here and and then looking around at the new IMM alternatives that are popping up to see which one I want to do because IMM has been very helpful to me and I like seeing everyone's books. If you, like me, are looking for any alternative IMMs Alexia from Alexia's Books and Such has a useful roundup of the new memes: Alexia's Books and Such: Looking for IMM Alternatives
Here are is my book haul for this week:

Downloaded to Kindle:
High Heels Mysteries Book 1: Spying in High Heels by Gemma Halliday-adult mystery series by the same author as the YA Deadly Cool series which I adore (if you haven't read Deadly Cool yet, do so, it's hilarious).

Library Haul:
Gilded Wings Book 1: Illuminate by Aimee Agresti-2012 debut I haven't heard much about but the premise sounds like it could be interesting. Also: hello gorgeous cover.
Raised by Wolves Book 2: Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes-I'll be forever puzzled about why this series isn't more popular. If you haven't read Raised by Wolves do so. It's much better then the more popular Nightshade series.
Still Waters by Emma Carlson Berne-Debut mystery book thing from last year that I've been meaning to read.
Demon's Lexicon Trilogy Book 2: The Demon's Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan-I finally read Demon's Lexicon last year and loved it. I've already read this one and loved it (review forthcoming). I can't wait to read book two and really can't wait for the new series she has coming out later this year as well as the co-written book Team Human.
Gods and Monsters Book 2: A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton-I was fairly mixed about Darkness Becomes Her which I've just read this year. I'm sort of hoping book 2 turns the series on its head and takes it from okay series to totally awesome series.
Incarnate by Jodi Meadows-2012 debut that I've heard good things about. I hope it's as great as its gorgeous cover.


  1. You got some great books and it seems like you have a great library. We never seem to get much new books at ours which is too bad especially when they are being released in HC. Happy reading

  2. Thank you for the shout out! There seem to be several alternatives being offered, but I haven't made up my mind which one to participate in yet. Thinking about trying them all at least once!

    Nice book haul this week! And yea for libraries! I love my local library, as they can usually find me everything on my list one way or the other. Haven't read Raised by Wolves yet, but it's on my wishlist as I really like the author. Happy reading!

  3. Cindy: I have a decent library but what makes it better is that my library is part of inter-library loan. Pretty much all the books come from there as my library only has about half the books I want half the time. It is awesome system.
    Alexia: You're welcome! It was such a helpful post.