Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Review: Jessica Rules the Dark Side

TITLE: Jessica Rules the Dark Side
Book 2 in the Jessica series
AUTHOR: Beth Fantasky
GENRE: vampires, romance, urban fantasy
PREMISE: Jessica learns how to be a ruler now that she is a royal vampire.
MY REVIEW: I think it's time I part ways with Beth Fantasky's books. They just are not for me. They're great for the younger crowd and those that like vampire romances but for me...they're just dull and predictable.
There's nothing completely wrong with this book. It's cute even. I did enjoy the snarky romance that Jessica's friend had. But really I just kept thinking throughout it: why is this neccessary? Because I didn't see why. It just reconfirmed how in love Jessica was. The court stuff was mildly fun to see but really I didn't see any real reason for a second book. Also again: predictable.
So really, I think this is mostly a case of book not really suiting my taste. For fans of the first Jessica book I suspect this will be lots of fun for them. For those of us that were just okay with that's kind of boring. So I'm sorry you guys, unless she comes up with a really cool sounding idea, I think I'm parting ways with Fantasky and letting her fans enjoy her instead.
WHO SHOULD READ: those that read Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (and loved it), vampire fans, Twilight fans, romance fans
MY RATING: Three out of Five stakes

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