Sunday, April 8, 2012

Book Review: American Gods

TITLE: American Gods
Book 1 in a two book series
AUTHOR: Neil Gaiman
GENRE: Urban fantasy, mythology, adventure
PREMISE: Shadow is approached by a man who has a job for him, but this job has a bit more to it then it appears...
MY REVIEW: I am a big Neil Gaiman fan and American Gods has been one of those books I've been meaning to read since I started reading his stuff. Like Neverwhere I will warn it's dark and twisted. I know there are some readers who aren't fans of that so for you this may not be your thing. But for everyone else I rec this one hundred percent.
This is one of those books that will have you thinking about it long after you read it. There's just so much brought up in it from how we use religion, to how people operate, to progress, to even just the American landscape in general. I just loved this world Gaiman created and find it fascinating and can't wait to read Anansi Boys now which apparently takes place in the same world.
In short I loved the hell out of this book and continue to love Gaiman's stuff. If you are a fan of Gaiman's younger books such as Graveyard Book or Coroline you should definitely read this (assuming you're old enough of course).
WHO SHOULD READ: Gaiman fans, anyone inclined to pick it up, you don't mind dark and twisted books
MY RATING: Five out of Five road trips

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