Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Chat (3)

1)Huge and Pretty Little Liars
Nothing much going on in Huge right now, although I would just like to say that Paul Doosey makes the cutest dad ever.
Pretty Little Liars-No!!! Geek boy is possibly part of the plot? I like him! I wanted Hanna to dump the stuck up blond guy and get together with him instead...also, am I the only one tired of Aria and Mr. Fitz? It's a constant repeat of "we can't be together, not appropriate". Yeah, I know. So STAY APART ALREADY. Because personally I think Aria is much cooler when she's NOT with Fitz or angsting over her relationship with Fitz. Nothing more to add with my babble this week aside from Alex and Spencer=very cute couple and only one more episode?!
2)So Cassandra Clare's big news was that she was continuing Mortal Instruments with two more books? Um...yeah, so? I mean no offense to Clare or anything but I already figured there would be more books after City of the Fallen...Whatever, still looking forward to them.
3)Am I the only dork looking forward to this flick:

I know a majority of it will be dumb, which is why I'm going to wait till it hits dvd to rent it out of the dollar rental machines (I love those things). But man, the anti-Twilighter in me is loving this. I think my favorite joke is a tie between Jacob's contract line and the wolf pack dancing to "It's raining Men" (I'm probably going to have that in my head now during the wolf pack parts as I read Breaking Dawn this month...). Much love to the script writers for that one.

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