Saturday, August 14, 2010

Movie Review: Kick-Ass

TITLE: Kick-Ass
PEOPLE INVOLVED: Nicolas Cage (no, really), and various unknown guys (although I did recognize the guy who plays Dale one of my favorite characters from Greek...I just don't remember his name right now).
GENRE: action/adventure, comedy, parody?
PREMISE: an ordinary kid decides spontaniously to become a hero, forgetting that there are reasons there are only superheros in comic books.
MY REVIEW: I will say this once: HEED THAT R WARNING. Parents seem under the mistaken impression nowadays that if it's got superheros in it then it's okay for kids to watch it (no really, I had to explain to one guy why he shouldn't under any circumstances take his kid to see Watchmen). Not only is there curse words galore in this film (I tried to keep a running count and lost track after about the fiftyith f-bomb), theres sexual content, bloody action scenes, and disturbing imagery that a kid really doesn't need to see. So please, don't try and let your kid tell you he/she can handle it. This movie was not made for them. It was made for adults.
But for adult comic book movie's all right. I won't say it's brilliant because sometimes it got dumb. Plus I got tired of cursing which to me felt like those high school guys you know who curse every other word because they think it makes them look cool. The action blood parts were...kind of gruesome and yet comical as well. Sort of an extreme version of the Monty Python bit with the blood spray (I don't need to tell Python fans what I'm talking about right? No? Good).
One of the best things in this though is Nicolas Cage as the crazy father. I'm not sure what this says about Cage but for me he's at his best when he's playing the totally out there characters and this so totally out there he makes the JOKER look sane. No, really. Another highlight is the girl who plays Hitgirl. A lot of people took issue with a girl her age doing a role where she goes around killing people and curses enough to make a sailor blush. Pardon the pun but I thought she well...kicked ass in the role. I can't wait to see her in other stuff and hope she makes it.
Honest, this movie isn't for everyone. For the hardcore comic book fanatics it's kind of like a dark satire on comic books. Me personally, I just thought it was okay. I have a feeling Scott Pilgrim (which I'm hopefully going to be getting to soon) will be much better.
WHO SHOULD SEE: fans of the comic book
MY RATING: Three out of Five superhero weapons

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