Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mockingjay Talk

So Mockingjay is officially out today but I sadly won't be able to get to a store tomorrow in order to get it. So I am stubbornly staying away from any and all reviews that are going to be posted until I finish. But here are some things I hope are in Mockingjay:

1)A Satisfying conclusion to the Gale/Peeta mess. By satisfying I mean the author doesn't cop out on the love triangle. She doesn't villianfy one guy in order to make the other the obvious and best choice (like a certain vampire book did that shall not be named ;cough;Twilight;cough;), that one of them gets killed, etc. etc. and for the last time, I don't care which one she ends up with. In fact I'd even be happy if Katniss ends up on her own.

2)A satisfying end to the Capital. Or at the very least and end to the Hunger Games and the Capital's messed up ways.

3)President Snow dies. Sorry, if ever there was a person I did not want to live through this, it's this douchbag. God what a jerk/insert whatever explitive you want here.

4)Cinna is okay. Cinna was one of my favorites so I want him to be alive at least. Because at the very least then we would get more pretty outfits ;)

5)Effie and the salon girls get a clue. These few characters were funny in a way and I wanted to like them but their utter ignorance kept me from fully loving them so I hope someone clues them in and they grow as characters.

6)Whatever else Collins has in store for us I am game for. I'm sure there will be a twist or two that I won't be expecting like in Catching Fire so I'll just mostly sit back and enjoy the ride like I did with the last Harry Potter book.

So happy reading to those who do have Mockingjay (plese don't give me spoilers). I shall review the minute I'm done with it and I'll warn if my review has spoilers cause it's just polite.

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