Friday, August 20, 2010

Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim VS The World

TITLE: Scott Pilgrim VS The World
RELEASED: August 2010
PEOPLE INVOLVED: Michael Cera, Anna Kendrick, Kieren Culkin, bunch of relative unknowns (who are awesome and I bet will be seen again).
GENRE: Comedy, Romance, Action/Adventure
PREMISE: In an alternative video game like world Scott meets and falls for Ramona Flowers. But before he can even think of dating her he has to fight and defeat her seven evil exes.
MY REVIEW: This movie is probably not for everyone. It's quite chaotic and not everyone will get the sense of humor to it. But if you're willing to just sit and enjoy it for the comedy that it is, you will enjoy the heck out of it. At the very least, you can't deny that the action scenes are awesome. The graphics in this movie are really very creative and if they don't get an Oscar nod for that this year my faith in Hollywood will be shattered (again, mind you my faith in them right now is already tenous and has been ever since Dreamgirls lost best original song to that hideous song from Once or whatever it was; Princess and the Frog music losing last year didn't help matters). Okay, enough Oscar ranting. Back to Scott Pilgrim.
This movie is just utter fun really. There are a TON of video game references, even the fights themselves elude to things like Guitar Hero (Scott has a guitar battle with one of the exes, I kid you not). Then there are just the utter hilarious characters. I know there is this hatred among geeks/guys/whoever for Michael Cera. Me, I can take him or leave him. Some movies I think he's good in (Superbad, Juno, Year One), others not so much (Youth in Revolt, but that wasn't really his fault I think). This time I think he had a role that suited him. The girl who played Ramona was also just brilliant. I hope we see more of her. But my utter fav characters were Kim Pine (there needed to be more of her), Wallace (brilliantly done by Keiran Culkin, yes he's related to THAT Culkin), Scott's sister (the awesome Anna Kendrick), and Knives (the girl playing her is new I think, but I bet this isn't the last we'll see of her).
I will say the beginning of it is kind of random but once it slows down a bit and starts getting in the storyline the movie gets really good. Other highlights are Chris Evans as Evil Ex number two (my favorite of the exes...not sure why and what this says about me...) and Brandon Routh of Superman fame playing an evil ex (who got superpowers due to being a...I'll just let you watch but trust me it's hilarious). So all in all if you give this movie a chance and are willing to suspend disbelief (okay,a LOT of disbelief), you're in for an enjoyable and creative experience. Can't wait till this comes on DVD.
WHO SHOULD SEE IT: Michael Cera fans, Gamers, fans of the comic book
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five evil exes


  1. HAHA! This makes me even more excited to see this movie!

  2. I was wondering how the movie would translate the great graphic novel. Looks like a winner! Thanks for the review!