Monday, August 23, 2010

Book Review: Mistwood

TITLE: Mistwood
AUTHOR: Leah Cypess
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: fantasy, mystery
PREMISE: Isabel doesn't remember much beyond the time her king found her and she is told she is the shifter of legend. But is she really the shifter and is her king who he says he is?
MY REVIEW: In theory, this book was a intriguing idea. Unfortunately that's all the book really remained: an intrigueing idea that never turned into brilliant or inspired. Part of the issue is that it's kind of dull most of the time. The author tries but it's like she couldn't decide if she wanted this to be fantasy or court intrigue and it mostly ended up being court intrigue that was kind of poorly played out.
The writing is flat, the characters are flat. Everything is mostly just flat because the author didn't explore things as much as she could have. Now I will say for a first novel it could have been a lot worse and this isn't the most horrible book this year because there are good things about it. It's just not at all what I expected and just not good enough to really crow about. So most I can say is decent first effort.
WHO SHOULD READ:...not sure really, anyone interested I guess?
MY RATING: Three out of Five shifters

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