Sunday, September 17, 2017

Notable Releases: 9/10-9/16

Here are the notable releases from this past week that are on my radar:


The Grave Keepers by Elizabeth Byrne

I've seen no hype surrounding this debut and I'm not sure why. The story sounds cool. With ghosts, sister bonds, and everything.

Warcross Book 1 by Marie Lu

The buzz around this book has been HUGE. I for one can't wait to read it, Lu has become one of my favorite authors in recent years.

Fallen Isles Trilogy Book 1: Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows

Meadows can be a bit hit or miss with me. I love her imagination, but her plots...can be a bit of a mess sometimes. Yes, I am aware of the protest going around this book about how white authors shouldn't be writing PoC and if she was using this book to write about what it's like to be black, I'd agree with the protest but it doesn't look like she is so...I'm reading and deciding after I read if I should be mad about this. Kind of wish more people would do the same.

Shadowshaper Book 2: Shadowhouse Fall by Daniel Jose Older

Finally, the sequel to Shadowshaper!

You Bring the Distant Near by Mitali Perkins

Interesting looking book that actually has already been nominated for a few YA book awards, so I'll be giving it a look.

Odd & True by Cat Winters

I'm always up for a Cat Winters book. Her stories are always so interesting.

Adult Fiction

Bluebird, Bluebird by Attica Locke

I've been hearing Locke's name around the book world quite a bit lately. I think this thriller might be a good chance to check out the author's work.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Everyone and their mother has been raving about this book. I personally, still need to read the author's other one: Everything I Never Told You first.


What Happened by Hilary Rodham Clinton

I'm sure you are well aware this book is coming out. It's been all over the news with people whining or cheering about the book depending on if the person was a Clinton fan or not. I'll probably give the book a look...eventually. I suspect having to relive that election campaign again will probably just piss me off all over again and like with Insane Clown President make me depressed about the awful state of our country's politics.


Lady Mechanika Vol. 4 TP
Jonesy Vol. 3 TP
Green Lanterns Vol. 3: Polarity
Harley Quinn Vol. 3: Red Meat
Elektra Vol.1: Always Bet on Red
Guardians of the Galaxy New Guard Vol. 3: Civil War II

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