Saturday, December 13, 2014

Book Review: Unmade

TITLE: Unmade
Book 3 in the Lynburn Legacy Trilogy
AUTHOR: Sarah Rees Brennan
PUBLISHED: September 23rd, 2014
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Witches
PREMISE: Kami and the gang take a final stand against Rob, but not without consequences.
MY REVIEW: Warning: I have extreme bias when it comes to this series. Pretty much, I adore anything Brennan writes. This book is no exception. It's not often I can say I loved a trilogy the whole through, but with this one, I can honestly say that.
As a conclusion, it did it all. It solved lingering questions, it solved plot lines, had a epic conclusion where Rob finally got his and that conclusion was not without sacrifice (RUSTY! ;gross sobbing;). It did it all through the trademark humor this series always had. I'm honestly hard pressed to find things I didn't like about this series. I don't know...maybe if you don't like snark? Or sassy characters? I'm sure such readers like that exist some where (and I feel very sorry for them).
Basically, I loved the hell out of this. Just as I've loved the hell out of this whole trilogy. I can't wait to see whatever Brennan has up her sleeve next. Whatever it is, I'm game.
WHO SHOULD READ: Sarah Rees Brennan fans, fans of the first two books,
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five (would be full five stars, but I'm feeling a bit vindictive about Rusty ;never forget;)

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