Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Book Review: The Dressmaker

TITLE: The Dressmaker
AUTHOR: Kate Alcott
GENRE: Historical Fiction
PREMISE: A girl gets a job aboard the Titanic as dressmaker for a wealthy client....
MY REVIEW: This week's read through the library find is a book dealing with the Titanic. Sort of. I mean, the Titanic is there. Some of you may recall lots of Titanic books coming out in 2012 due to the bicentennial of it. This was one of those books.
I'll start with the good: the writer is good at nailing the setting. The best stuff in this is when she's describing the Titanic and the sinking of the boat was done pretty well also. Unfortunately...it suffers from being dull. Extremely dull. I'm sorry, other then the fact that she's a Titanic survivor, there's nothing really that interesting about Tess. I did find the aftermath mildly interesting, because not many people go into the legal fallout of what happened on the Titanic. But other then that and the moments they were on the Titanic...this book was rather boring.
It's not bad. It's just boring. The historical stuff is literally the only interesting thing going on in here. So if you're not a major Titanic buff, I would give this one a pass.
WHO SHOULD READ: Titanic buffs
MY RATING: Three out of Five wet dresses

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