Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Book Review: Bird Box

TITLE: Bird Box
AUTHOR: Josh Malerman
GENRE: Dystopian
PUBLISHED: May 13th, 2014
PREMISE: A woman tries to survive in a world where you can't look up because if you do, there are monsters who will make you violent.
MY REVIEW: I think it's now safe to say that dystopians have caught on to the adult fiction section. So, maybe now we can stop accusing YA of only being dystopians? Sorry, that's just a thing that keeps being said lately that drives me bananas.
This book is your typical set up for a dystopian world where everyone is in danger. In fact, it reminds me an AWFUL lot of The Walking Dead. It's not a knock off though. Instead of zombies, there are beings who cause mass violence. No one actually sees these beings, they just know that if you look up and see them that you'll go homicidal and then kill yourself. The result is a very creepy survival type story.
This one was mostly good for the creep factor. Malerman is excellent at building suspense because it is a major page-turner. Story wise itself....average for dystopian thrillers. But a very well done average at least. This author is one to keep an eye on in the future. King, watch your back.
WHO SHOULD READ: Stephan King fans, Walking Dead fans, dystopian fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five evil birds

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