Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things That Help Me As a Blogger

This is a weekly meme hosted by the girls over at The Broke and The Bookish .

Top Ten Things That Help Me As A Blogger

1) Goodreads-This site is a godsend. It gives all the info on books I need, helps me keep track of upcoming books on listopia, and I've even won some books from it.

2) Shelfari-I mostly use this to help me keep track of what I've read. It has the most useful tagging system.

3) Other bloggers-You all give me an idea of what I should look at, what's not going to be for me, and give me book news. Thanks to you, I am never uninformed about books.

4) Tumblr-Did you know a bunch of authors use tumblr? So do publishing companies. Sometimes I find out more up to date info on tumblr then anywhere else.

5) Twitter-To an extent. I'm not on Twitter much nowadays but it is good for keeping up to date on stuff.

6) Amazon search engine-Amazon tends to have books on their site months in advance. If I ever need to know what's coming in about six months I can just use this to narrow it down. I've found many books I otherwise would have overlooked this way.

7) The Library-AKA that place where pretty much ALL my books come from. I have bills so I can't afford to go out and buy everything I want (no matter how much I'd love too). The library lets me keep up on new books and read older books I don't want to spend money on. Especially helpful since they've gotten the inter-library loan system which is the best thing ever because my district has like 10 libraries so it's rare when one of them doesn't have at least ONE copy of something I want to read.

8) Net Galley-The best source for ARCs for me.

9) My Kindle-Make all fussy noises about physical books you want. My Kindle lets me read Net Galleys and get free classics, and get books for as low as 99 cents. Amazon frequently has awesome deals on ebooks so it's a great source for books as well. For the record, I buy physical copies of books too. I don't understand why people think that if you own a Kindle that automatically means you won't be buying actual books as well.

10) Author Websites. Granted, not all author websites are created equal. Some just have a bio and bibliography page. Others have awesome info that's amazingly helpful. Like Tamora Pierce's website. She has entire rec pages of books that have helped me find so many awesome authors (she's how I found Sarah Beth Durst). So it depends on the author's website, but some can be great resources.

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  1. Good list, I had tumblr on my list as well and I also often find the most up to date information on that site as well.