Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book Review: Such Wicked Intent

TITLE: Such Wicked Intent
Book 2 in The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein
AUTHOR: Kenneth Oppel
GENRE: Fiction retelling/prequel, Paranormal
PREMISE: Victor starts his quest to bring back his brother from the dead...
MY REVIEW: I loved This Dark Endeavor last year. Which was kind of a surprise because prequel/sequel books to classics can always be iffy for me. Often times you can tell the author's feelings on the story/character in question and those almost always conflict with the original idea of the story and as a result the prequel/sequel tends to conflict with what is presented in the classic book in the first place.
This, does not do that. Oppel doesn't waste time trying to make us love Victor. He is presented as the flawed character he was in the original tale. It doesn't sugar coat him. Doesn't go the "oh he was just a tragic misunderstood guy" route like I've seen so many books about classics try to do (like say all the retellings of Jane Eyre that I've read so far who've all done their best to ignore the horrible things Rochester did). This retelling is not afraid of all the flawed characters in Frankenstein and I frankly love that.
Bottom line, if you loved This Dark Endeavor, you will love this. If you want some Frankenstein in your YA, I strongly rec this series.
WHO SHOULD READ: This Dark Endeavor fans, Frankenstein fans, Retelling fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five flawed characters

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