Thursday, August 8, 2013

Book Review: Star Cursed

TITLE: Star Cursed
Book 2 in the Cahill Witch Chronicles
AUTHOR: Jessica Spotswood
PUBLISHED: June 2013
GENRE: Historical Fantasy, Witches
PREMISE: Cate navigates her way through the Sisterhood whom she doesn't fully trust as the Brotherhood persecutes witches/women even worse then before...
MY REVIEW: Born Wicked was one of those books from last year that I went into not expecting to love as much as I did. This one continues that trend by actually taking an already decent plot, and pushing it higher.
In other words: this was a fabulous sequel. I loved everything in it. I say, it's actually kind of better then the first because now that the forced love triangle is out of the way, we get to focus on the stronger parts of the series: the Sisterhood and the morally gray battle between them and the Brotherhood as well as the dynamics between Cate and her sisters.
Over all, this was just immensely satisfying. After that evil cliffhanger, all I can say is bring on book three.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of Born Wicked, historical fantasy fans, Gemma Doyle fans
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five witches getting shit done

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