Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Review: The Vespertine

TITLE: The Vespertine
AUTHOR: Saundra Mitchell
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: historical fiction, paranormal
PREMISE: A girl sees visions and enjoys the fruits of labor her gift brings until bad things start to happen and people believe she is the cause.
MY REVIEW: Okay I admit, I may have had some unrealistic expectations for this because I really liked Mitchell's first book Shadowed Summer and was looking forward to her doing historical fiction. That's totally my own mistake really. So it wasn't really the author's doing that I felt disappointed by this.
I think this was the case of expecting one thing and getting another and not being pleaseed with what I got. This book is completely different from Shadowed Summer. It's like it's a totally different author writing it and I must say I would like the previous author to come back please. While the writing, historical research, and plausibility were all sound, this lacked the interest I had in Shadowed Summer. Frankly, it was dull. Characters were uninteresting, plot was predictable and moved at a snails pace, romance was blah once you realized it was insta-love, and I was frustrated by lack of explanation for the main character's gift and apparently I'm not supposed to wonder at all about that, I'm just supposed to care about the day to day melodrama.
But this could just be me and my expectations talking so I'm going to say check it out from the library and see for yourself.
WHO SHOULD READ: historical fiction fans
MY RATING: Three out of Five ribbons

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