Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book Review: The Dead and the Gone

TITLE: The Dead and the Gone
Book 2 in the Last Survivors Trilogy
AUTHOR: Susan Beth Pfeffer
CATEGORY: Young Adult
GENRE: dystopian, science fiction, drama
PREMISE: In other parts of the world in New York we see how young Alex copes with the consequences of the moon being knocked out of orbit.
MY REVIEW: I loved Life As We Knew It which I first read last year on a whim. This book is a bit of a companion to that one. It takes place at the same time but deals with Alex in a different part of the world. I will say I didn't feel as much a connection to Alex as I did to Miranda but his stuff is still as bad as hers, if not worse.
What really gets me about this series is the amount of thought and detail Pfeffer puts into making this feel as real as possible. If this happened, I could totally see this scenario becoming real. It's also really interesting seeing how differently Alex's experiences with it were as opposed to Miranda and it makes sense, different upbringings/places deal with stuff differently. For instance in this one there's a lot of wrestling of faith more then Miranda's because Alex's family was more religious then hers.
So maybe it wasn't as personal as Life as We Knew It but it's still pretty good and just as fascinating to read. I can't wait to finally read the third and discover what happens.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of Life As We Knew It, dystopian fans
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five moons

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