Sunday, October 2, 2011

Book Review: The Lost Hero

TITLE: The Lost Hero
Heroes of Olympus Book 1
AUTHOR: Rick Riordan
CATEGORY: Childrens/Middle-grade
GENRE: Adventure, mythology
PREMISE: Three kids find out they are demi-gods and wind up going on a quest.
MY REVIEW: I admit it, I was skeptical when this spin-off series came out last year that's why it's taken me awhile to get to it (that and I needed to finish Percy Jackson first) but Riordan managed to pull it off in a clever way. Clare, take note, THIS is how you continue a popular series.
Riordan went about this in a smart way. He introduced brand new characters for us to get to know and they are just as interesting and entertaining as Percy (though I do miss Percy's ADHD induced commentary about the gods...). We get glimpses of old characters (hey there kick-ass Annabeth!) and we get an expanded lookt at things that Percy doesn't like life in other cabins as well as a hint of...well I won't spoil it for those who haven't read it but oh Riordan, you are clever.
Basically this one did not disapoint. Honestly my only complaints are the usual things with this series (deus ex machinas, cheesy dialogue, etc.) and also no Dionysus oh and the romance angle was a bit blah compared to the entertaining Percy/Annabeth relationship. But I am definately looking forward to Son of Neptune.
WHO SHOULD READ: those finished with the Percy Jackson series
MY RATING: Four out of Five mechanical dragons

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