Monday, October 3, 2011

Book Review: Fantasy Lover

TITLE: Fantasy Lover
Book 1 in the Dark Hunter series
AUTHOR: Sherrilyn Kenyon
GENRE: romance, urban fantasy, mythology
PREMISE: Grace's friend Selena talks her into a ritual that summons a sex slave.
MY REVIEW: Here's the thing, this series is very obviously just meant to be silly fun romance a la harlequin and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. I've enjoyed many a harlequin book back in my day (specifically the cowboy/historical ones). That said, I'm scratching my head over the fact that this is not only a bestseller series but recomended right and left as a great UF read. Um...sorry y'all but no. Fine for a quick romance fix but great book period? Hardly.
The writing is decent enough and I do like what the author did with the mythos even if a lot of it was badly researched (specifically the stuff on Sparta. Given what I've read about Sparta Julian's backstory makes NO SENSE). I also admit the sex was hot. But like I said, this is nothing more then a nonsense plothole filled excuse to write about sex with a Spartan soldier. Characters are stereotyped, stuff makes little to no sense (Grace who has trouble trusting men is a SEX THERAPIST? What?), it's predictable, the heroine is basically useless and needs to be constantly saved, and there are many many eye roll worthy scenes such as the fact that (spoiler!) the curse can be lifted by Julian having a marathon of sex with the same woman. Really, author?
But again, I think the author was just trying to write romance so she could make a living you know? I'm sure she didn't expect the series to be treated the way it is now. This is just one of the many confusing things about the publishing world I guess. If you want a quick romance read with no brain power to it, this fits the bill. If you want something actually good, I say don't bother.
WHO SHOULD READ: romance fans, Gena Showalter fans (same sort of style)
MY RATING: Two out of Five naked men fighting

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