Monday, December 13, 2010

Movie Review: Inception

TITLE: Inception
DIRECTOR: Christopher Nolan
ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Leo!(who has totally justified me swooning over him in my teen years by becoming a awesome actor), Michael Caine, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon Lewitt (another teen idol I may or may not have had a crush on in my teen years), Tom Hardy, Marion Culliord
GENRE: action/adventure, suspense
PREMISE: A man assembles a team to go into people's dreams and steal thoughts/ideas or implant ideas/thoughts.
MY REVIEW: I have many different takes on Inception but most of what I've heard is that it's awesome. After a viewing I have to agree. The main reason I loved this so much is that finally, we are given a movie that doesn't pander to its audience or treat its viewers like we're dumb. Much as I like my mindless action movies (I'm a fan of Transformers for crying out loud) I also appreciate it when intelligence is shown. Lets face it, intelligence is sorely lacking in original movie scripts nowadays. So I loved the philospical questions that the movie asked and the fact that the movie was mind trippy and knew it and figured that people were intelligent enough to keep up.
On top of the interesting premise and storyling there's the really interesting characters, particularly the character of Cobb (played excellently by Leo who better get a freaking Oscar for this) and Ariadne (who I wished they'd went into more background on but she is a supporting character so maybe in the rumored sequel). Everyone acted well, action/special effects were awesome, and again: creative storyline.
There's talk of Oscar buzz for this movie and I hope it's true. I also hope that they don't get screwed like Dark Knight did when it got nominated and that Christopher Nolan finally gets that Oscar he should have gotten a long time ago. I will say the jumping around in the begining was annoying but I understood why they did it. It's dream world, dreams are fragmented scenes mostly so they had the scenes be like that too. It's genius when you think about it. Even if it's again, a tad annoying. To those that have seen it I ask you: do you think Cobb actually woke up for real or not? I'm thinking not. My theory is that he's in a coma and these are his dreams within the coma and that it's his mind's way of trying to break out of the coma. Why Inception then? He's a government agent of sorts in the real world and was working on way to do Inception when his wife was killed somehow or other and then something happened to him (car accident, what have you) and thus the Inception. Yes, I've put way too much thought into this.
WHO SHOULD SEE: Anyone who's inclined
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five guns

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