Thursday, December 2, 2010

Book Review: The Lying Game

TITLE: The Lying Game
Book 1 in the Lying Game series
AUTHOR: Sara Shepard
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: paranormal(ish), mystery, drama
PREMISE: a girl discovers she may have a long lost twin and goes to meet her only to discover long lost twin has been murdered and she must put together the pieces of what happened to her as she poses as her twin, not realizing her twin's ghost is following her around as she investigates...yes, I'm serious...
MY REVIEW: I went into this book with slightly low expectations. I didn't really enjoy Pretty Little Liars (the books mind you, I'm ashamed to admit I've gotten addicted to the tv show) so I wasn't expecting much with this even though the premise sounded promising. I admit I was pleasantly surprised. Is it mind blowing? No, not really. Lying Game sometimes feels like a remix of Pretty Little Liars, you still have some pretty selfish hateful characters, and it doesn't take a lot of mind power to read.
But like Pretty Little Liars the strong part of this series is the mystery aspect. I literally couldn't guess who it was that murdered Sutton. After the end, I still have no clue. I know I don't really want it to be the foster sister but I'm not ruling her out either. I actually am stumped for a change. It's nice having a mystery that genuinely stumps you. Shepard's strength is not really her writing (though I have to say it's vastly improved since the first Pretty Little Liars) but her ability to set up a good story and mystery and in buiding suspense. It also helps that this time around I actually LIKE some of the main characters whereas in Pretty Little Liars I found all the girls insufferable at one point or another and kind of ended up WANTING A to win because they needed a big wake up call.
Shepard is making this a series (good thing because that cliffhanger is EVIL) and the next book apparently comes out in April. The Lying Game will be available on December 7th. I for one can't wait to read the second one. If you are maybe tired of the somewhat annoying girls in Pretty Little Liars, this series may appeal to you.
WHO SHOULD READ: Pretty Little Liars fans, mystery fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five prada bags

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