Monday, April 24, 2017

Reading Through the Classics: The Unbearable Lightness of Being

TITLE: The Unbearable Lightness of Being
AUTHOR: Milan Kundera
GENRE: Realistic Fiction/Philosophy
PREMISE: A group of people carry on and have affairs in the Czech Republic before its fall...
MY THOUGHTS: You know that person in the back of the room who is convinced that their taste is the best taste around and they probably know more about stuff then anyone in the classroom, including the teacher? I feel like this book was written for that person. It just has that air about it where you can tell the author thought they were being terribly clever.
Now most literature: it has pretty writing. But that's pretty much all it has going on for it because the story is dull as dishwater. If you like reading about selfish people having affairs and justifying their horribleness to themselves via philosophy, then you might like this. Me...I like to have an actual plot and character development in my books. There were neither of those here. I won't even go into horrible treatment of female characters in this book. I could rant for hours about it and the sex scenes that were not sexy at all. They were mostly just awkward.
Now it does go a bit into the fall of the Czech Republic because that's where the author is from. Those parts were interesting to me because honestly, I don't know much about the Czech Republic. Some of the insights into the revolution and how the fall happened were interesting and good. I feel like the author maybe should have made this about that instead of focusing on boring people who basically just have sex with each other, justify the fact that they cheated, and then move on.
So yeah...I hated this one. Part of me wants to deny it's a classic out of spite. But my rule is it has to be over thirty years old and people still talk about it and like it or not this book qualifies.
WHO SHOULD READ: Um...philosophy fans? I don't know really.

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