Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Graphic Novel Review: Archie Vol. 2

TITLE: Archie
Vol. 2 in the Archie series
AUTHOR: Mark Waid
ARTIST: Veronica Fish
GENRE: Romance/Contemporary
PREMISE: Archie and the gang's romantic misadventures in Riverdale continue...
MY REVIEW: I know what you're thinking: Archie? Really? Yes, really. This new series that Mark Waid came out with is just a delight. THIS is how you reboot Archie. The CW Riverdale show is okay and all, but I don't actually consider it an adaptation of Archie. I consider it someone's weird fanfic AU. This Archie, is much more my speed.
The characters are still delightful, in their over-the-top ways. This story continues where the first volume let off, so if you want to read, I recommend starting with the first volume. I love this version of Veronica. It's a much more nuanced version of the Veronica who was just your basic mean girl in the original series.
If you have a fondness for the Archie comics (come on, admit it: you read at least one), I highly recommend giving this new series a shot. There's also a new Jughead series (the first volume I'm reading now), a new Betty and Veronica series and if you're into horror, check out the creepy chilling adventures of Sabrina which crosses over with the weird tales of Archie. And for those who like Riverdale, there's a new comic series about the show starting.
WHO SHOULD READ: Riverdale fans, Archie fans, YA contemporary fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five Team Veronicas (though I think she can do better then Archie)

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