Friday, December 18, 2015

Book Review: Lock and Mori

TITLE: Lock and Mori
Book 1 in the Lock and Mori series
AUTHOR: Heather W. Petty
PUBLISHED: September 15th, 2015
GENRE: Mystery
PREMISE: Modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes with Holmes and Moriarty as teenagers and Moriaty as a female.
MY REVIEW: This is a case where I liked the concept far more then I liked the actual execution of the concept. Moriarty as a female? Awesome idea. It's been done before (hi there, Elementary), but still I always welcome gender swapping the classics. While this did give an interesting look at the idea, I honestly can't help but come to the conclusion that Elementary did it better.
Granted, this is maybe a bit unfair. Elementary has the benefit of having Natalie Dormer being their Moriarty. But the feeling remains. I'm not really thrilled with this version of Moriarty. It didn't help that this version of Moriarty and Sherlock were honestly, kind of boring. Getting Moriarty and Sherlock in a room together should not be boring.
The mystery part of this was good. But was honestly just kind of boring. Which boggles my mind because it's a Sherlock Holmes retelling but there it is all the same. It's not a bad reimagining. There are some interesting things going on here, such as trying to look into Moriarty's past. But overall...this is not the best version of Sherlock Holmes I've read.
WHO SHOULD READ: Sherlock Holmes fans, Elementary fans (willing to forgive that this is not Natalie Dormer)
MY RATING: Three out of Five not as good as it could have been sighs

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