Sunday, October 5, 2014

Making the Leap: Going from MG/YA to Adult and Back Again

Has anyone noticed the barriers going on in the fiction world lately? Specifically, the one that's between MG/YA and Adult fiction? It's not totally obvious, but you know it when you see it. It can be that person who assumes that if you read YA, then you must not read adult fiction at all. Then there are adult fiction readers who want to get into YA, but are overwhelmed by the selection, and have no clue where to start. Sometimes the barrier is ourselves. For instance that idea floating around that adult fiction is super hard and if you read YA you can't enjoy it or literature is too complicated for YA readers. For the record, I blame this idea on book snobs and yes, I think this idea is BS.

So I've come up with this feature to help those trying to get into either one of these categories. What I'm going to do is take a popular book in one category and pair it with a book in another category that is in the same genre/has similar themes/characters/ideas etc. Just something that I hope will help make that leap a little less overwhelming for people or least get people to see that these two categories aren't really all that different. The only difference is the age of the characters.

If you loved: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (since the movie is coming out)

Then check out: Rosebush by Michele Jaffe

Why: Rosebush also deals with the disappearance of a girl, but this one deals with the aftermath of her finding. Her memory is gone though, so along with her, you get to slowly learn what happened and how she wound up being found under a rosebush. It also deals with complex relationships like in Gone Girl.

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