Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Book Review: Into the Still Blue

TITLE: Into the Still Blue
Book 3 in the Under the Never Sky Trilogy
AUTHOR: Veronica Rossi
PUBLISHED: January 28th, 2014
GENRE: Dystopian/Sci-fi
PREMISE: Aria and Perry race against time to save their people...
MY REVIEW: This review is going to be short because honestly...there's not much to say about this one.
It did its job as an ending to a trilogy. It brought things to a logical and satisfying conclusion. There weren't very many surprises to be honest. It was a very...neat ending if you will. Doesn't mean it was a BAD ending it just...wasn't very surprising if you happen to read a lot of dystopian YA trilogies which well...I do.
So...not a bad book. Not a bad overall trilogy. It just never really seemed to push the envelope, aside from the second book which I felt really pushed the character of Aria really well. Luckily, this didn't take all that wonderful development for Aria and chuck it out the window. So overall this was a satisfying end.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of the first two books, dystopian fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five domes
RATING FOR TRILOGY: Four out of Five

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