Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book Review: Death Sworn

TITLE: Death Sworn
Book 1 in new series
AUTHOR: Leah Cypess
PUBLISHED: March 4rth
GENRE: Fantasy, Mystery
PREMISE: A girl who is losing her magic gets sent to a assassin's school where the tutors of magic are being killed one by one...
MY REVIEW: Cypess is one of those authors who does lovely lovely world building. She explains her world beautifully and not via info dump after info dump. In short she gets that her readers aren't stupid and expects that you can keep up. This is so nice to see sometimes.
Now as for the book itself...this story will probably only appeal to those that love the court intrigue sort of thing. Yes, there is romance, but it's...complicated and not simple. So I personally, loved the hell out of this (even if I did sort of wonder where all the other female characters were. Literally, there were only TWO). The mystery was wonderfully done and the reveal at the end was a great lead in to make me want to pick up the next book.
If you're a Game of Thrones fans looking for court intrigue books that aren't centered around love triangles of doom, I highly recommend this one.
WHO SHOULD READ: Leah Cypess fans, Game of Thrones fans, Graceling fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five mages

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