Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Popular Authors I've Never Read

This is a weekly meme hosted by the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Popular Authors I've Never Read

1) Jonathan Frazen-Honestly...I've just never had any interest in his books. Considering his books are like a thousand pages each I think it would be a good idea to at least be INTERESTED. As it is, I look at them and feel no desire to read them.

2) J. R. Ward-I will get to the Black Dagger Brotherhood ONE of these days. It's on the list this year. But it was also on the list last year so...there you go.

3) Sarah Dessen-Dessen is also one that is on the list and has been for awhile now. It's just...I've never felt this huge burning desire to read her. That is purely because contemporary romance is not one of those genres that I actively read/take interest in. I have to be in the mood for them. Nine times out of ten, I'm not in the mood for them.

4) Brandon Sanderson-I've been interested in his stuff for awhile, especially since he's recently crossed over into the YA category but I just keep getting sidetracked by other books.

5) Lisi Harrison-I've had zero interest in reading the Clique series or the Monster High books. Besides, from what I see they're mostly aimed at the tween crowd anyway. While that doesn't always mean bad (one of my favorite series, Sisters Grimm, is a middle-grade series after all) the books just don't look like anything I'd be interested in. Plus, I have to stare at those Monster High dolls at work all day.

6) Sylvia Day-New Adult author. I have pretty much ZERO interest in the New Adult genre. Mostly because it basically feels like adult fiction that plays by YA rules and seriously, what's the point of putting that in a separate category? Just put it in adult fiction and be done with it. But apparently I'm the only one that feels this way. Oh well. So I'm doing everyone (and myself) a favor and not reading books that I'm sure I won't enjoy.

7) Abbi Glines-See the explanation for Sylvia Day.

8) Jamie McGuire-Ditto.

9) Karen Chance-I've been on a bit of a UF burnout lately. Perhaps if I gain interest in the genre again, I'll try this author out.

10) Keri Arthur-See explanation for Karen Chance.

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