Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book Review: Her Dark Curiosity

TITLE: Her Dark Curiosity
Book 2 in the Madman's Daughter Trilogy
AUTHOR: Megan Shepard
PUBLISHED: January 28th, 2014
GENRE: Retelling, Historical Fantasyish
PREMISE: Juliet has escaped her father and his mad island but it seems things have followed her back to London...
MY REVIEW: Madman's Daughter was one of the (many) pleasant surprises from last year. I went into it hopeful, but not expecting much, and wound up enjoying it very much. True, the love triangle part is kind of trying (and it sadly continues to be in the sequel), but the overall story and the journey of Juliet makes it very easy to overlook that.
This does all the things a sequel should. It continues the story without bogging you down with info dumps on what happened before. It expands on ideas that were in the first book. It grows central characters and give background info and introduces new ones (I LOVE Lucy and hope she sticks around). It also continues that great way the author incorporated the original tale (which in this book's case is Jekyll and Hyde) into something new without losing the general message of the original material that made me love Madman's Daughter so much.
In terms of anticipated sequels, this one delivered. I'm going to be sorry to see it go next year. But it looks like Shepard already has another series lined up that looks just as interesting so there's that to look forward too when this ends.
WHO SHOULD READ: Madman's Daughter fans, Jekyll and Hyde fans, Retelling fans
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five creepy murders

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