Saturday, September 7, 2013

Book Review: The Nightmare Affair

TITLE: The Nightmare Affair
Book 1 in the Arkwell Academy series
AUTHOR: Mindee Arnett
PUBLISHED: March 2013
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Mystery
SUMMARY: Dusty is a Nightmare: a being who feeds on dreams which can be drag to say the least. Her life gets extremely difficult when she not only reveals herself to the hottest boy at her old school but also gets involved in solving a murder.
MY REVIEW: Here's the thing: there are certain tropes that I'm going to enjoy no matter what. Yes, I am admitting I have bias. Really, all of us readers have preferences about what we like if we're really honest with ourselves. Magic boarding school story where sassy girl gets into solving a murder while having snarky in-denial feelings for hot guy? That's one of those tropes I'm gonna read no matter what. There's a reason I love Mythos Academy so much.
So the fact that I enjoyed the hell out of this should be taken with a grain of salt. Because this just has all those things that I kind of love. It would have had to be really really bad for me to dislike it. I will admit, it's not the most original (hell, take out a few things and it's almost exactly like Mythos Academy). There were a few things in it that made me roll my eyes (the mean popular girl I could have done without for instance). Some things in it are predictable but it's a fun read nonetheless.
So I loved it. But I admit, there'a personal reader preference going on, on my part. So I would check it out of the library first.
WHO SHOULD READ: Mythos Academy fans, teen sleuth fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five snarky relationships

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