Saturday, September 14, 2013

Book Review: Infinityglass

TITLE: Infinityglass
Book 3 in the Hourglass Trilogy
AUTHOR: Myra McEntire
PUBLISHED: August 2013
GENRE: Time Travel/Science Fiction, Paranormal
PREMISE: The group has found the Infinityglass: It's a girl named Hallie whom Dune falls in love with.
MY REVIEW: Sigh. This is one of those series that while cheesy, had a lot going for it. But then it's like...nothing happened? Nothing that really turned it into a must read now series anyway. This is more like one of those books you pick up when you want to read a romantic time travel plot and don't care about quality.
Because honestly? This was like the other two books in terms of plot and thus it was predictable. I think that's ultimately why I haven't been able to get into this series as much as everyone else: the books are all basically alike, they just have different couples. It makes for rather boring reading to be honest.
So I'm sorry but I thought this ended with a bit of a whimper instead of a bang. Nothing happened that wasn't really unexpected. In the end I was kind of yawning. Bad sign.
WHO SHOULD READ: Hourglass Trilogy fans, Time Travel plot fans
MY RATING: Three out of Five shrugs because I found myself no longer caring

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